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Problem solver – how to choose blinds for a home office window

We love solving your window woes. In our problem solver series, we solve those burning questions. This time, we look at keeping glare off screens in a home office.

Dear Web-Blinds,

I work from home and I’m looking for something to put at the window in my upstairs office. I need to keep the glare off my computer screens, but that still looks really stylish. The home office has a more masculine copper and grey theme than the rest of the house where my wife, Melanie, has taken the lead – so nothing too girly in this space!


Sun in my eyes,


Dear Marcus,

Your home office looks great, and based on what you’ve told us, we’d definitely recommend a blind with slats. This will allow you the flexibility to tilt the blinds depending on where the sun is.

Vertical blinds are available in a wide range of designs –a striking orange or stylish grey will tie in with your colour scheme. If you choose to have your blinds split in the middle too, you can really pinpoint the source of glare, without feeling like you’re living in a state of darkness.

Venetian blinds are also a fantastic choice. Available in glossy, metallic shades they’re perfect for adding a touch of masculine or industrial style, and are even available in a stylish copper to match your room.

Alternatively, you could try shutters. Narrower slats will give you greater light control, and allow you to shut the glare out when you need to.

Hoping our ideas weren’t glaring obvious,


Marcus chooses the best blinds for his home office

We do love to offer a bit of window wisdom, and it’s ever so exciting when we get to have a nosey around after.

Brown Venetian blind in an office

And would you copper-load of this? Marcus decided to go for a beautiful copper Venetian blind, which really finishes off the room, pulling together the copper accents. And doesn’t it pop with the modern grey wall?

“I loved the suggestion of a Venetian blind, and was really impressed with the modern shades and finishes on the Web-Blinds site,” says Marcus.

Copper ornaments

“The Copper Plate slat caught my eye though. It’s so vibrant, and when I ordered a sample it matched the rest of the room perfectly.

Brown Venetian blind in an office

 It’s great now I don’t have to put up with glare. It used to interfere with my productivity, but now I can just twiddle with the control and work in peace again.

Brown Venetian blind in an office

“It really is my sanctuary now – it’s got quite a different feel to the rest of the house, and with industrial style in fashion, I’m bang on trend!”