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Problem Solver: How to add warmth to a bay window with Roman blinds

We love solving your window woes. In our problem solver series, we give advice on those burning questions. This time, Jane talks us through her bay window.

Dear Web-Blinds,

Bay window before

I have a lovely period property with a beautiful bay window at the front. It’s set back from the road so the room isn’t massively overlooked, but it can get cold. It’s a living area so I want things to feel cosy. How do I add a little luxury to the window, while still solving the practical issue of a chilly room?


Dear Jane,

Fret not, your problem is a common one, and one that’s easily solved with the right window dressing. There are a couple of options you might like to consider.

EcoPleat Pleated blinds are available in a whole range of colours and would tackle your chilly window issue. The clever honeycomb structure helps to trap heat, keeping your room nicely toasty.

Alternatively, Roman blinds in a bay window like yours would look beautiful. They’re fully-lined to help keep out the chill, while the luxurious layers of fabric will create the sumptuous look you crave.

Hope you find the solution you’re after,


Beautiful Roman blinds for a beautiful bay window

We’re suckers for a success story. So when Jane told us how three Roman blinds finished off her room, we couldn’t wait to take a look.

Roman blind on bay window

And doesn’t the room look stunning! The beautiful grey shade adds depth to the neutral walls, and creates an overall look that’s ever-so-cosy.

“When we moved in, curtains swamped the bay window as they didn’t follow the bay and simply sectioned the space off,” explains Jane. “With it being a square bay window, we actually lost a lot of room. Blinds that follow the shape of the bay were a much better option.

“I really liked Web-Blinds suggestion of Roman blinds. The soft fabric really makes for a cosy effect, and we like to get snuggled up in the evening.

“Measuring was absolutely fine – the online guide talked me through all the necessary deductions which you have to make for a bay window which made the whole process easy.

“We did realise that nothing is square though, especially when it comes to a period property like ours. And that even includes square bay windows!

“The blinds are really good quality – they feel robust and well-made, and I’m really pleased with the colour. They add the warmth I was after, and they’ve really transformed our room.

Roman blind on bay window

“Even my little boy, Jude, loves the effect, and was only too willing to pose for the camera!”