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How to dress a small window

Lots of our customers have small windows they simply don’t know how to dress. Whether they let in a little extra light, or allow ventilation in a small space, it’s time we started to make the most of them. We spoke to two of our customers, to see how they approached blinds for their small window.

Meet Marcia

The Venetian blind at Marcia’s window was left by the previous owners – and that was well over a decade ago! So after a friend kitted out her home with blinds from Web-Blinds, Marcia decided it was time to change her window’s look too.

“The Venetian blind at my landing window wasn’t unattractive,” she explains, “but as our window isn’t overlooked, we had no need for slats and I decided I wanted something a little more luxurious.

“Our green floral wallpaper is a favourite in our home, so we opted for a creamy floral design called Almond Butter. I measured the window myself – the whole process was so easy!

The Roman blind is really stylish, and a great way to dress a window that is in plain sight of every room upstairs. I added a vase of flowers as a finishing touch, and I’m delighted with the look! It’s become a lovely feature of the landing now.”

Roman blind on a small window

Meet Doreen

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Doreen’s small window left her feeling like the whole world could see her business.

“My window is only little, but the position of it at the front of my house made me feel like I lived in a goldfish bowl. It’s in my kitchen, and I hated that when I cooked I often caught passers-by peering in.

“Years ago, I had curtains, but was worried about cooking smells, so when I redecorated I took them down. After that, I had nothing at the window at all.

“I never thought a blind could be an option at such a small window. It wasn’t until my daughter suggested I looked for a Venetian blind online that I realised I could have one made them that small! The lack of privacy was a problem I just put up with.

“We ordered a selection of samples together – who knew there were so many different shades of white? I was spoilt for choice, but eventually decided on one called Ivory White.

Doreen Ivory White Wooden blind

“My son-in-law helped me to measure and fit and I am so delighted with the end result. When my daughter repainted my wall, she briefly took the blind down. Looking at the bare window made me wonder how on earth I put up with it like that for so long!

Ivory White Wooden blind in Doreen's Home

“I feel so much more secure now – I can keep prying eyes out, and I can also tilt the sun out my eyes when it’s low in the sky. It’s fantastic!”