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How Naomi got the Perfect Fit for her conservatory

Naomi’s conservatory was perfect, apart from one thing: her neighbours overlooked her from all directions. Here’s how Web-Blinds came to her rescue, and gave her some much-needed privacy.

With old work colleagues in one direction and her son’s schoolmates in another, Naomi knew it was time to tackle her privacy problem. And it wasn’t just the conservatory that was affected, as her living room backs onto the space too.

“My neighbours would make reference to me being in my dressing gown,” says Naomi. “It was all a bit too personal!”

But Naomi was reluctant to put curtains up at the sliding doors between the conservatory and living room and block out all the light.

“Blinds were my first choice. And when I discovered clever Perfect Fit blinds, I knew I’d found the perfect solution,” says Naomi.

Perfect Fit blinds clip into uPVC window frames, making them a fantastic choice for conservatories. There’s no need for drilling, and they become an integral part of the window and doors, so they don’t sway in the breeze when they’re opened.

Perfect Fit blinds

Naomi set her stall out, and measured up her windows one afternoon while her son was at school. She was surprised at just how easy it was to do, and found the how-to video a handy tool.

She ordered a selection of samples, and decided on a pretty Pleated fabric called Gradola Vista, in her favourite duck egg shade.

Fitting was a doddle too. “Considering how many windows there are, it really didn’t take that long at all, and as there was no drilling there was no mess either,” she explains.

“I love that the Perfect Fit frames just look like part of the conservatory. They look almost built in.

Perfect Fit blinds at the door

“They really add to the flow of the house, and pick up on the little touches throughout the space. I picked a colour to complement the living room too, and I’ve had no end of comments on how lovely they look already.

“I also love that I can still enjoy the breeze with my windows and doors open, without my blinds flapping in the breeze.

Perfect Fit blinds

“And as I’ve got a radiator in the room, there’s no reason why I can’t use the space all year round. It’s my new favourite room, both for family time and when we’re entertaining. The blinds have completely transformed my conservatory!”