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How Alison created a gorgeous guestroom in a day

Decorating a room in a day is tough. But it’s not impossible. Find out how Alison transformed her second bedroom and fitted a new blind in less than 24 hours.

Meet Alison from Nottingham

The second bedroom in my Nottingham home was in need of perking up. The décor wasn’t awful by a long shot, but had become the very definition of a spare space. So I resolved to do something.

Like most of us, I have to juggle work and family commitments, leaving me little time for DIY projects. So above all, it had to fit into a single weekend.

Paint and equipment to prepare the room

But even I was pleasantly surprised when I managed to fit decluttering, cleaning, filling cracks, sanding skirting boards, washing walls, painting surfaces and fitting a new made-to-measure blind in less than 24 hours!

Who would have thought that I could decorate a whole room – and get it looking great (even if I do say so myself) – in less than a day?

Alison's window before

Browsing ideas was fun. Choosing blinds was easy

Of course, in order to get it done in a day, I had to plan in advance. Browsing online interior magazines was fun and gave me plenty of ideas, even if I knew some of the more out-there trends would never work in my space! I settled on a coordinated scheme, going from dark grey through lighter shades to white.

Next, I thought about accessories. That’s when I came across Web-Blinds and the Elston Taupe fabric in the Roman blinds range for the bedroom, which looked perfect for my colour scheme. The website is easy to use and there’s plenty of choice; I even found some straightforward instructions for measuring my window. I placed the order and my blind arrived a few days later.

Paintings and multicoloured stool

The only thing left was to knuckle down and do the work!

“I just thought go for it, get everything done”

I got up early on Saturday, and started by prepping and painting an old chest of drawers to fit in with my new scheme. Then, I emptied the room, sanded the wood, filled the cracks, and washed the walls.

Drawers and painting angled

By early afternoon, I’d finished the first coat of paint. It was at this point that I realised the whole room could be ticked off in a day. I just thought go for it, get everything done! Staying motivated was almost as tough as doing the work, but the thought of all the relaxing I could do on Sunday kept me going!

Once the second coat was up, I took a well-earned break while the paint dried. Then I started moving back the furniture.

Fitting the blind was the very last thing on my list. Thankfully, after such a long day, it was an absolute doddle. I had a quick look at the instructional videos on Web-Blinds. There were just a few holes to drill and screws to screw, then the blind clipped into the bracket and everything was done.

Light and blinds

All in all, I was on the go from about 8am to 9pm. For sure, it was a slog – but one that I’d do again.

I’m so happy with the way it looks. All the colours coordinate beautifully; the room is really calm and cool. There’s nothing spare about it!

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