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Colin’s new home is more than all-white

When Colin bought his three-bedroom home in Derbyshire, he was excited, but he knew he had a serious project on his hands. In under a year, he’s transformed the space into a coordinated, modern home perfect for him and his two children, Molly and Jack. And here’s how Web-Blinds helped him…

Dreaded textured ceilings, woodchip walls and thick curtain pelmets – Colin had his fair share of frumpy features to contend with. But in just eight months, it’s gone from dreadfully dated to bang-up-to-date.

Bedroom before renovation

Getting rid of the hideous features

“When I first started renovating,” explains Colin, “I rented elsewhere and spent every spare moment grafting at the new house. There was plenty to be done, but I knew from the start I wanted to try to keep costs down by doing lots of it myself.

“I set about getting rid of the hideous features, as well as ripping out the old kitchen and dated bathroom.

“I even managed to fit and tile the new bathroom myself, something I’m immensely proud of – but probably wouldn’t do again!”

Seven months later, with Colin’s sleek home a far-cry from the fussy interior of his before pictures, Colin needed something to put at the window.

“A  good friend suggested Web-Blinds”

“There wasn’t a lot left in the kitty, I must admit! A good friend of mine suggested I had a look at Web-Blinds. I figured I’d just fitted a whole new bathroom myself – how hard could putting a few blinds up be?

“I had a browse, and decided that Web-Blinds’ Pimlico White Roller blind would be perfect. I wanted blackout blinds, particularly for the bedrooms, so the blackout coating made them a perfect choice throughout. I also opted for a similar shade in a waterproof fabric for the bathroom.”

Colin's bedroom with white blackout Roller blind

A blank canvas for graphic designer, Colin

In a lot of ways, the plain white blinds Colin chose throughout the home are perfectly suited – he’s a graphic designer himself, so they provide a blank canvas for him to go wild elsewhere.

“Kerb appeal was important too. I considered going for a coloured blind in the children’s room but my partner suggested that choosing the same blinds throughout would create a simple, uniform look. And I’m glad I took her advice because they look great!

Colin's bedroom with white blackout Roller blind

“I was really impressed with Web-Blinds – there’s so much choice on the site, but it’s also really easy to use and find what you want.

“Putting the blinds up was really easy too. I fitted the whole lot in a morning which was great!

White Blackout Roller blinds window sill

The kids love it!

“The recess fitting and neutral shades mean I can have whatever I want on the window sill, and it will always stand out. The kids love having their toys on show – it’s a nice alternative to a toy box for their favourites.

Bedroom with the white Blackout Roller blinds

“Of course, it’s still a work-in-progress. Eventually, Molly and Jack will have separate rooms, but right now they’re sharing. I’m so pleased with how the house has turned out though – it was a fantastic investment, and now it’s a family home to be proud of.

Fact File: Meet Colin

My home: I bought my three-bed detached home in Derbyshire as a project. After eight months of wading through woodchip and textured ceilings, I’m really pleased with the way it’s turned out!

My rooms then: With dated features literally everywhere, I knew it would be a while before we could move in. I’ve never seen a skip fill up so fast!

My rooms now: I’ve gone for a clean, uncluttered look throughout, which I love – it creates a really tranquil space, which is perfect as I often work from home. From my bedroom to the children’s room, I couldn’t be happier!

Proudest project: It has to be my bathroom. Other stuff in the home you can just ‘do’, and pick it up as you go along. The bathroom had me scratching my head – I didn’t want to do it wrong, because there would have been so much work to undo! But now it’s done, I couldn’t be prouder that I can say ‘I did that’.

If you’ve got a makeover story like Colin’s, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us an email at