How to measure & fit Velux® and Skylight blinds

Measuring for Velux® windows couldn’t be simpler. All you need is the six character reference code that you’ll find on the top of your Velux® window sash.

Our helpful step-by-step video guide and pdf instructions contain everything you need to know to measure and fit your blind correctly.

You’ll find all the fittings you need within the packaging of your blind, except for a pencil and a bradle to make your pilot hole.

Once you’ve laid out all the pieces in front of you, you’re ready to get started.

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How to measure for blinds (video audio transcript)

In this video I’m going to show you how to measure and fit a blind for a Velux® window.

The first stage is to measure your window. It’s really easy, you don’t need a tape measure, all you need to do is look for a special plate with a number on. Look for a six digit code, the first three digits tell you what style of window it is, the final three digits tell you the size. Make a note of that number and that will be the blind that you need.

Open up the packaging and lay out all the pieces in front of you. You get the instructions to refer to as well, which is handy. You get everything you need in the box apart from a pencil and a bradawl to make a pilot hole.

The first step is to click the blind into place, which should be fairly straightforward. You should find your Velux® window has two grey tabs at the top. If for any reason they are missing, don’t worry, you get a spare set in the box with your blind. The grey tabs will help you locate the blind in the perfect position before you click it in.

With the top clicked into place, the next step is to use these little pieces and fit them to the bottom of the window. The piece in the middle can be discarded. Follow the instructions to help you guide them into position and with a pencil, mark through the hole where the screw should go. It’ll make it much easier if you can make a little pilot hole with a bradawl. With the pilot hole done, put the bracket into position and screw it in, then repeat the exercise on the other side.

Now get your side rails ready to go into position. You need to make sure the red lug positions itself into the channel as you put it into place. Slide it in and it’ll push up so that it meets neatly at the top. At the bottom it should click into position. Repeat for the other side. In the back of each channel are some holes, you need to make a pilot hole for each one and put a screw in to make sure that the side channels don’t move out of position.

With the side channels secured into position, it’s time to pull down the cords. Take the discs out of the little housings, unravel them and you will find there is a little ‘T’ shaped piece in the middle of the red disc. Push that out with the screwdriver that comes with the kit. You need to make sure that this cord stays inside the channel and the little ‘T’ piece will click into position inside the little grey bracket.

The final stage is to remove the transport brackets, peel off the sticker and you are ready to use your blind.