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How to fit Wooden blinds

Fitting your new Wooden Venetian or Innovations Venetian blind is simple and straightforward with the help of our step-by-step video guide.Whether you are top fixing to the inside of your recess or face fixing to the outside, we’ll show you everything you need to know.We recommend downloading our handy pdf instructions too.You’ll find the fixtures and fittings within the packaging, so be careful not to throw them away.You’ll need to provide:

  • A drill with the correct sized bit
  • A crossed head screwdriver
  • A pencil
  • A metal tape measure

Now you’re ready to fit your blind.

If you need any additional advice, call our friendly team on 0845 604 9611

How to fit your Wooden Venetian or Innovations Fauxwood blind (video audio transcript)

In this video I’m going to show you how to fit your Wooden Venetian blind and Innovations Fauxwood blind.

Along with your blind you will receive a valance piece, which I’ll come on to later. You’ll also recive screws, wall plugs, a cleat for tidying up your cords and two end brackets. These can be used for either face fixing or top fixing. If your blind is a fairly long one, you’ll also get a centre support bracket. If it’s been included with your blind, you will need to fit this too. You will need to provide a drill with a suitable drill bit, a crosshead screwdriver, a metal tape measure and a pencil.

We are going to start with positioning the brackets. Remember, when you measured your window, we asked you to be aware of obstructions that might get in the way of your blind. We’ve got the same situation here. We want to make sure that the back of the blind doesn’t hit the handle on its way down, so we need to measure how far the handles protrude. I’m going to allow 4cm in this case.

You need to make sure that the back of the bracket is more than 4cm away from the window frame. Position the bracket ensuring that the little spring door at the front is facing towards you, away from the window frame. Use your pencil to mark where you’re going to drill. Now do the same on the other side.

If your blind comes with a centre support, you might think you need to put it in the middle, but check the head of your blind first because there may be part of the mechanism in the middle. The best advice for positioning is to measure from the end. I’m putting mine 75cms in, but always check your blind for your own measurements. Now I am going to measure across 75cms, make a mark and remember to bring the back of the bracket out the same distance as the ends, which in this case was 4cms, to avoid the obstructions. Using your pencil, mark the position for your holes. You are now ready to use the drill.

When your brackets are in position, it’s time to put your blind in place. If you have a Wooden Venetian Blind with the Velcro squares on the front, you can put that up now. If you have the Innovations Fauxwood blind, you need to attach the valance clips first. Click them on over the top of the frame, fairly evenly spaced, before you offer the blind up into the brackets. Take off the elastic bands and lift the blind into position. You might find it easier to have someone to help you with this. Push it into place and close the doors at each end until they click.

Before you fit the valance, unravel the cords from their packaging, peel off the sticky fixers and stick the valance on the top.

The final stage is to attach the cleat to the wall using a couple of screws.

That’s your Wooden Venetian blind ready to use.

If you’re fitting the Innovations Fauxwood blind, you will remember that the valance is different. Earlier you put the plastic clips onto the head rail of the blind, now you need to put these little butterfly clips on the back of the valance. Space them out roughly the same as the clips you put on earlier, twist them round so that they go to 90 degrees and repeat at the same intervals with the other clips.

We now offer the valance up. If you need to move the clips at the top, they will slide along slightly and then simply click it into position.