How to fit shutters

The information you provided when you placed your order means your shutters should be straightforward to fit. With the help of our step-by-step video guide and instructions, you’ll have your shutters fitted in no time.The fixtures and fittings for your shutters can be found in the hardware box within the packaging, however you will need to provide yourself with the following tools:

  • tape measure
  • pencil
  • spirit level
  • small hammer
  • screwdriver
  • drill with correct sized bit
  • decorators caulk
  • scissors
  • stanley knife

Here are just a few fitting basics to bear in mind:

  • Clear a large space near to the window where you will be fitting the shutters
  • It’s a good idea to cover the floor where you’ll be working
  • It’s helpful to have an additional pair of hands – especially when fitting larger shutters

We’re sure you’ll find our instructions easy to follow but if you need any additional advice, call our friendly team on 0845 604 9611.

How to fit Shutters - Video Transcript

You are now just a few steps away from having beautiful shutters from Web-blinds at your windows. You’ll need a large clear space near your window, a spirit level, small hammer, screw drivers, drill driver, decorator’s caulk, a tape measure and a pencil, scissors and a stanley knife. If you’re installing large shutters you’ll need a friend to help.

Let’s get the shutters ready. First carefully remove your shutter panels from the larger box or boxes, then unpack your frame. Look out for the hardware box, this is important as it has all hardware you’ll need for your installation: long screws for the shutter frame, short screws to fix the hinge position, Hoffman keys, hinge keys and hinge packers. Depending on the type of shutters there may be some touch up paint. Cover the floor area you’ll be working on using a dust sheet or the packaging from your shutters. Begin by constructing your frame, each section is marked top, bottom, left or right. Lay the sections on the floor in the positions they’ll be fitted at your window. If your frame has cover strips, remove these. Look at the back of each of the frame pieces, there’s a hole at each end, slide a Hoffman key into this hole, then slot the hole of the adjoining frame piece onto the other end of the Hoffman key. Continue this process until the entire frame has been assembled.

Now lift the frame to the window, your frame must be installed into the position you took your measurements from, it is vital the frame is fitted true, but remember that very few windows and window recesses are absolutely square, use a spirit level and if necessary pack the frame where required to ensure a good fit. When you’re happy with the positioning of the frame, temporarily fix it into place, if you’re fitting into a recess you can use one screw through the centre of the top of the frame, if you’re fitting outside of the recess choose a similar position but on the wall surrounding the window. Now hang your shutter panels, panels are supplied already hinged to keep assembly and fitting easy, make sure you get them the right way around, remember the hole for the tilt rod always goes at the top. To attach the panels to the shutter frame line up the part hinge of the shutter frame with the part hinge on the shutter panel, then drop the pin into the hinge to secure them together, then repeat the process with all the panels. Spend time making sure the panels hang correctly, you may need to pack the hinges or adjust their position slightly until you’re happy with how the shutter panels operate. Then add the third hinge screw to secure the hinge position. Next fix your frame into place. Drill through the frame and fasten with screws using appropriate wall fixings. If your frame included cover strips but these back in place. For a neat finish use decorator’s caulk to fill any gaps between the shutter frame and the wall or window frame.

We’re sure you will find fitting your shutters straight forward, but if you need any advice please contact our customer services team on 0845 604 9611.