How to fit Pleated blinds

Fitting your new Pleated blind is simple. Our helpful video guide contains step-by-step guidance on how to get it right.

Whether you are top fixing to the inside of your recess or face fixing to the outside, you’ll find everything you need to know within our helpful video.

We also recommend downloading our handy pdf instructions. The fixtures and fittings for your blind can be found within the packaging, so be careful not to throw them away.

The only other things you’ll need to provide are:

  • A drill with the correct sized bit
  • A crossed head screwdriver
  • A pencil

Now you’re ready to get started.

If you need any additional advice, call our friendly team on 0845 604 9611.

How to fit Pleated blinds(video audio transcript)

In this video I’m going to show you how to fit your Pleated blind.

Along with your blind, you’ll receive some extra bits and pieces. There are two types of brackets – one for face fixing and one for top fixing. You will also receive a cleat (which is used for tidying up the cords of the blind) wall plugs and screws. You need to provide a drill with the appropriate size bit, a crosshead screwdriver, a metal tape measure and a pencil.

When you measured your window, we asked you to look out for obstructions that could prevent your blind from operating correctly. You now need to measure how far they protrude to make sure you leave enough clearance when fitting your brackets. You can fix the brackets anywhere between 5 -10cms from the end of the blind itself. With those measurements in mind, mark the position for your brackets. Once you’ve double checked the position, you can drill your holes.

I’m going to show you how the brackets fit onto a pleated blind. The head of the blind has a little lip that sticks out on both sides. The face fitting bracket has an additional angle riveted on the top, otherwise they are the same. Hook the back of the bracket under the little lip and snap the front one into position.

Before we clip the blind into position, make sure it is the right way round. The cords should emerge from the front of the headrail.

The final step is to install the cleat. This can be fixed to the wall with a couple of screws, about half way down.

Now your blind is ready to use.